Why Envision Genomics

Why Envision Genomics

by dparker

Envision Genomics was founded by a pioneering group of experts in the genomics field who have successfully introduced and implemented a genomic medicine program into clinical care delivery at hospital systems. The experience and transfer of this knowledge is vital to seamlessly incorporating a genomics medicine program into your children’s hospital.

Contained within our service offering are two software programs which define the comprehensive nature of the Envision Partner Network. Beginning with patient intake and education and continuing through tracking, personnel training and care planning, our gateway module can be integrated with EHRs already in place in your institution. Additionally, our exclusive right to the Codicem analytics software gives partners access to the highest quality software on the market today. Codicem was designed for diagnosing undiagnosed disease, not just recognizing known rare diseases. In addition, it is the only solution of its kind that was developed specifically for use with whole genome sequencing.

Housed within the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology facility, Envision Genomics, while a stand-alone company, has access to the world class genome sequencing expertise and equipment at HudsonAlpha. This CAP CLIA genome sequencing facility provides Envision and its clinical partners the highest quality whole genome sequencing with a variety of turnaround time options.

Experience, expertise and excellence are the standard at Envision. As a member of the partner network, your investment gives you access to the premier technologies, processes and expertise to be a leader in genomic medicine in your market. Inquire today.