The Solution

The Solution

by dparker

Envision Genomics is the only company offering a comprehensive approach to genomic medicine from clinical implementation through whole genome sequencing (WGS), data generation and analytics and incorporating care delivery training and consultation into the package. Practicing genomic medicine by leveraging whole genome sequencing allows for a faster time to an accurate diagnosis, definitive treatment planning and reduced hospital stays for patients with a rare, misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed disease.

Clinical Implementation: Our team of experts will provide an assessment of current workflows and return with a strategic roadmap to transform your current processes to effectively practice genomic medicine. With patient and physician portals, the patient intake procedure is streamlined and enhanced. Standardization of processes leads to confident decision making as to whether WGS is appropriate and beneficial for a particular patient or not.

Whole Genome Sequencing, Data Generation and Analytics: Needing only to be done once in a lifetime, WGS offers diagnostic insight beyond compare. Complete and unbiased evaluation of the WGS data removes clinical guesswork leading to increased diagnoses, reduced misdiagnoses and elimination of the diagnostic odyssey for patients with rare and/or undiagnosed diseases. Learn more about Envision Genomics data analysis, interpretation and reporting service here.

Care Delivery: The diagnostic power of WGS and the Envision Genomics proprietary Codicem™ analytics software allows physicians to return a diagnosis confidently to the patient as well as provide a plan for treatment and follow-up care. With guidance from the Envision Genomics team, physicians can transition to the role of delivering genomic medicine and transform the practice of medicine.

Partner Network: As a network partner, benefit both from the technology, and also from the discoveries of all the partners in the Envision Genomics network. As the patient base grows, so does the knowledge base.

The technology is here, the time is now. Contact us today.