by dparker

Howard Jacob, PhD

Founder | President and Chief Scientific Officer

Howard Jacob is the Executive Vice President for Medical Genomics and Chief Medical Genomics Officer at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Howard comes to HudsonAlpha from the Medical College of Wisconsin where he was the Founding Director of the Human and Molecular Genetics Center (HMGC) and Professor of Physiology and was awarded the Warren P. Knowles Chair of Genetics.

Previously, Dr. Jacob was on the faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Iowa and he completed post-doctoral fellowships in functional genomics and molecular genetics/genomics at Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 2009, Dr. Jacob led a team of researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the use of an innovative DNA sequencing technique to unravel the medical mystery of Nicholas Volker, a young boy whose life-threatening disease had baffled his doctors for years. Working with scientists and physicians at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Jacob’s team sequenced Nicholas’ DNA to diagnose his disease and recommend a course of treatment. This treatment was successful, making Nicholas the first patient to be saved by genomic sequencing.

Dr. Jacob’s passion for improving the lives of critically ill patients has been the catalyst for his determination to bring whole genome sequencing into the clinical setting to affect patient care. Under his leadership, the HMGC in Wisconsin grew from two faculty members to 22 and is one of the top funded genetic programs in the country. He now brings that same passion and expertise to HudsonAlpha to lead the new HudsonAlpha Center for Personal Genomics.

Elizabeth Worthey, PhD

Founder | Chief Product Development Officer

Dr. Worthey is a faculty investigator and the director of informatics at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. Her research focuses on the clinical and translational use of genomic data, including the development and implementation of methods and tools for analysis of sequencing data in order to impact the lives of people with a wide spectrum of diseases. Her work is focused on bringing solutions to hospitals and clinics interested in Genomic Medicine. Dr. Worthey received her PhD from Imperial College, London, and did her postdoctoral training at the University of Washington. Prior to joining the Hudson Alpha Institute she was an assistant professor and director of genomic informatics at the Medical College of Wisconsin and she also worked as a research at Rosetta Inpharmatics a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck. Her undergraduate studies were undertaken at Glasgow University, Oxford University, and the University of Birmingham in Immunology, Computer Science, and Quantitative Genetics.

Jill Tapper, MHA, CG (ASCP)

Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Tapper has over 15 years of experience directing the operations of clinical genetics laboratories and programs.  She has a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and holds ASCP certification as a Specialist in Cytogenetics. In addition to her administrative leadership experience, she is an accomplished clinical technologist who has multiple peer-reviewed publications in the areas of clinical genetics, cytogenetics, and molecular diagnostics.  Ms. Tapper served as the Administrator of Human & Molecular Genetics Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) from 2011-2015.  Her expertise in the financial, business, and management aspects of the clinical laboratory industry, coupled with her technical knowledge were instrumental in the successful development and operationalization of the Clinical Sequencing Laboratory in the HMGC at MCW.  This laboratory was one of the first to offer a fully-interpreted clinical whole genome sequencing test.  Ms. Tapper has worked with Dr. Jacob and the Founder team to create the vision for Envision Genomics.

David Bick, MD

Founder | Chief Medical Officer

David Bick has more than 20 years of clinical experience as a board certified clinical geneticist and experience translating molecular testing from the research laboratory to the clinical diagnostic laboratory as a board certified clinical molecular geneticist.

David Bick received his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine in 1981 and completed his residency in Pediatrics at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. At the Yale University School of Medicine, Bick completed a fellowship in Human Genetics and Pediatrics in 1986, followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship in Human Genetics in 1987. Bick is board-certified in pediatrics, clinical genetics, and clinical molecular genetics. He joined the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) in 2002 where he was the Director of the Clinical Sequencing Laboratory and Chief of the Division of Genetics in the Department of Pediatrics at MCW, and Director of the Advanced Genomics Laboratory and Medical Director of the Genetics Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. In 2015 he became the Chief Medical Officer, faculty investigator, the Medical Director of the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, and a laboratory director in the Clinical Services Laboratory at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Shawn Levy, PhD


Upon his arrival at HudsonAlpha in 2009, Shawn Levy set up the HudsonAlpha Genomic Services Laboratory, which supports projects using genomic technologies from laboratories around the world. Since its inception, the CLIA-certified Genomics Services Laboratory has supported 2,500 projects and more than 100,000 samples. Prior to joining HudsonAlpha, Levy was founding director of the Vanderbilt Microarray Shared Resource and was responsible for growing it from a small microarray core facility to a world-renowned genomics center. Before that, Levy set up a microarray facility at the Emory Center for Molecular Medicine, where he received his graduate and postdoctoral training. Levy has a great interest in technology development and optimization, which led to the invention of an easy and efficient method for multiplexing more than 700,000 samples per sequencing lane on the Illumina sequencing platform.

Bruce R. Korf, MD, PhD


Dr. Korf is Wayne H. and Sara Crews Finley Chair in Medical Genetics, Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics, Director of the Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences at UAB, and Co-Director of the UAB-HudsonAlpha Center for Genomic Medicine. He is a medical geneticist, pediatrician, and child neurologist, certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics (clinical genetics, clinical cytogenetics, clinical molecular genetics), American Board of Pediatrics, and American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (child neurology). Dr. Korf is past president of the Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics, past president of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, and current president of the ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine. He has served on the Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute at the NIH. He chairs the Medical Advisory Committee of the Children’s Tumor Foundation and serves on the CTF Board of Directors. His major research interests are molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders and the natural history, genetics, and treatment of neurofibromatosis. He serves as principal investigator of the Department of Defense funded Neurofibromatosis Clinical Trials Consortium. He is co-author of Human Genetics and Genomics (medical student textbook, now in fourth edition), Medical Genetics at a Glance (medical student textbook, now in third edition), Emery and Rimoin’s Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics (now in 6th edition), and Current Protocols in Human Genetics.