Genomic Data Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting Services

Genomic Data Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting Services

by Lauren Schultz

Envision Genomics offers clinical NGS data (whole genome, whole exome, gene panel) analysis, interpretation and reporting services using our proprietary Codicem™ analytics software.

Analysis/Re-analysis & Interpretation 

Envision’s team of expert analysts and board-certified clinical and molecular geneticists are among the most experienced in the industry and have been performing clinical whole genome and whole exome analysis and interpretation for patient diagnosis for nearly 8 years. The proprietary Codicem™ tertiary analysis platform we use was purpose built for clinical whole genome scale analysis.

Envision Genomics is the ideal analysis, interpretation and reporting partner for laboratories with technical/wet-lab capabilities but no pipeline to perform large-scale analytics, clinicians with patients requesting analysis/interpretation of genomic data generated by an outside clinical service provider as well as re-analysis of genomic data where no diagnosis was able to be previously made or may have changed (i.e. a genomic “check-up”). With many result category return options (including pharmacogenomic findings), Envision Genomics can provide a comprehensive, fully-interpreted clinical result to help guide optimal patient care.

Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing

With our US-based, CAP/CLIA-certified wet lab partner, Envision Genomics can offer access to a full-service clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS) test—from sample to report. Upon completion of sequencing at our partner laboratory facility, genomic data files are securely returned to Envision Genomics for analysis, interpretation and report generation.

This full service option is ideal for hospitals and physician practices who do not have access to an internal laboratory but have patients in need of whole genome sequencing. Envision Genomics can also serve as the outsourced service provider for clinical laboratories looking to expand their service offerings and meet customer needs.

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