Codicem™ Analysis Platform

Codicem™ Analysis Platform

by Lauren Schultz

Codicem™ was purpose built for whole genome scale clinical analysis & interpretation.

Identification of molecular changes in the genomic sequence is critical to understanding how these changes impact health and disease. Doing this requires the right tools. Codicem™ is the only analytical platform designed and developed specifically to support clinical molecular diagnostic workflows up to whole genome scale — from variant annotation, prioritization & analysis to clinical report generation.
Codicem™ is available for commercial licensing for your in-house use exclusively through Envision Genomics. Contact us through the demo request section below or at for additional information.

Advantages of the Codicem™ platform


  • Codicem™eliminates the need to manage & integrate multiple tools to support the clinical genomics data analysis, interpretation and reporting process.


  • Codicem™ creates a standardized analytical process that reduces errors, reduces analysis time and enables variant interpretation & reporting consistency.


  • Codicem™ was built by a pioneering team, led by Envision Genomics Cofounder Dr. Elizabeth Worthey, specifically for clinical use– to allow analysts and directors to quickly and accurately go from genomic data to diagnosis.


  • Codicem™ creates an internal variant repository as analysts and lab directors go about routine case interpretation and reporting, establishing a perpetually deepening knowledge base simply through a laboratory’s standard analysis workflow.


  • Codicem™ has integrated  ACMG/AMP MDx guidelines for variant classification providing precomputed suggested evidence codes & classifications.


  • Codicem™ is capable of providing secure sharing of expert variant curations between users/labs with no need to move patient data.


  • Codicem™ offers flexibility beyond routine data analysis  as it can be used for gene panels, exome as well as whole genome analysis and single gene (or variant) interrogation.


  • Codicem™ provides for filter set creation, dissemination and selection that is easy and intuitive.


  • Codicem™ allows variants to be evaluated on variety of selected criteria (for example, phenotype associations using HPO terms) to support creation of specific protocols, prioritization schemas & workflows to meet all of a laboratory’s analysis needs.

Request a demo of Codicem™

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Increased accuracy & efficiency of genomic data processing = reduced costs, increased quality and more patient diagnoses made.