Envision Genomics is committed to changing the practice of medicine and improving healthcare by unlocking the utility and value of the genomic sequence. Envision Genomics leverages the combined power of the HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology (HAIB) clinical genomic sequencing capabilities, the newly formed HAIB Genomic Medicine program with the know-how and experience of a leading team of Genomic Medicine experts. This team of experts, assembled from the Medical College of Wisconsin and led by Dr. Howard Jacob, have built a complete end-to-end clinical solution that was designed for one purpose: to advance patient care and the practice of medicine. Unlike many other currently available solutions, this was not a research program that has been repackaged by researchers for deployment into the clinic. The capabilities of Envision Genomics were clinically focused from the start.

CLIAThrough the CLIA-certified Genomic Services Laboraotry (GSL) at HAIB, Envision Genomics offers clinical whole exome and whole genome sequencing as well as clinical genomic sequence data analysis and interpretation using a proprietary bioinformatics platform. In addition to providing clinical diagnostic services, the ultimate goal of Envision Genomics is to provide the expertise, infrastructure and resources necessary to enable partner organizations to implement and drive the widespread adoption of Genomic Medicine.