by dparker

30,000,000 people living in the United States today have a rare disease and more than half of these are children.* An annual review of pediatric mortality data shows that 23% of infant deaths are due to genetically determined disorders** and 34% of all pediatric admissions are due to an underlying undiagnosed genetic disease accounting for 50% of hospital charges.***

Envision Genomics is the only comprehensive clinical genomics services provider wholly committed to ensuring that your hospital can practice genomic medicine. Today.

Founded by a team experienced in introducing genomic medicine into a clinical setting, Envision Genomics offers a multitude of unparalleled advantages for hospitals ready to enter this arena.

Integrate the utility of genomic sequencing into your clinical workflow

Why Envision Genomics?

Envision Genomics is a clinical genomics service provider helping clinicians diagnose rare disease through the integration of genomic data into clinical care. Envision is building a network of children’s hospitals and empowering them to practice genomic medicine by providing the end-to-end expertise, infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and deploy clinical genomics.

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