by dparker

Envision Genomics has created a technology-enabled clinical services platform to identify undiagnosed rare disease patients and apply precision medicine to optimize care.

Envision is a comprehensive genomic medicine enablement company that works with health care organizations to establish effective genomic medicine programs including clinical implementation, diagnostic testing, data analytics/interpretation, and care delivery redesign.

30,000,000 people living in the United States today have a rare disease and more than half of these are children.* An annual review of pediatric mortality data shows that 23% of infant deaths are due to genetically determined disorders** and 34% of all pediatric admissions are due to an underlying undiagnosed genetic disease accounting for 50% of hospital charges.***

Health care is not currently structured to diagnose, treat nor manage rare disease.

Envision Genomics is the only comprehensive clinical genomics services provider wholly committed to ensuring that your hospital can practice genomic medicine. Today.

Founded by a team experienced in introducing genomic medicine into a clinical setting, Envision Genomics offers a multitude of unparalleled advantages for hospitals ready to enter this arena.

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In Memoriam:

The Envision board, founders, and leadership team wish to express our profoundest sympathy to the family of Tom Main, our board member and treasured colleague, who died on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

Please see the following article on Tom below: