Envision Genomics is committed to improving the quality & reducing the cost of healthcare by unlocking the utility and value of the genomic sequence for patient care.

Blueprint for Moving from Disease Care to Health Care

Genomic Medicine represents a fundamental shift in how medicine will be practiced: from reactive to predictive in an evolving healthcare ecosystem for the clinician and patient/consumer. How do we get there? Envision Genomics believes it starts with making better diagnosis through integrating the utility of genomic sequencing into the clinical workflow.

The Envision Genomics is designed to

  • help clinicians and healthcare providers diagnose rare disease, end diagnostic odysseys or reverse misdiagnoses through integration of the practice of genomic medicine when and how they need it.
  • provide partner organizations with the clinical end-to-end expertise, infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and deploy cutting edge, market differentiating clinical genomic services.
  • support practicing preventative care and advance accountable care & value-based care models

Envision Genomics is not just a service provider—we are a comprehensive genomic medicine enabler.

The Partner Network

Envision Genomics is creating a clinical partner network to leverage the combined strength of like-minded, forward thinking organizations for the purpose of advancing precision genomic medicine. The Clinical Partner Network provides participants access to a large-scale data knowledge source, creating a resource that will allow partners to realize the value of precision genomic medicine at an accelerated rate and with a financial commitment that is markedly lower than what individual organizations could achieve on their own. With clinical genomic sequence volume comes reduced cost, greater knowledge and disease understanding; thereby, creating an expanding set of diagnostics and broader array of prevention and treatment options—ultimately creating the ability to bend the healthcare curve.

A Partner for the Future

The initial focus of Envision Genomics is the rare & undiagnosed disease sector as care plans for these patients include multiple (often repeated) expensive tests and procedures, making them large consumers of healthcare resources. To continually expand the utility of the whole genome sequence in patient care, Envision Genomics provides and develops products & capabilities for our partners in other areas on which Genomic Medicine can be impactful such as Cancer, Infectious Disease, Pharmacogenomics, Wellness and Disease Risk.